Cyphertop Quantum Encryption

Cryptography software has become safer and more available before our eyes, while in the past the topic came across as something only seen in science fiction thrillers, this year any of us can get the best cryptography software with only a single clicks, all thanks to and it’s newly released and already awarded cryptography software.

Before going into what makes Cyphertop one of the top options in the cryptographic market let’s delve a little deeper on the topic of cryptography software itself, cryptography in general aims to provide security, from a long time the practice has been used to keep sensitive messages and files safe and away from undesired readers, this saw particular relevance in times of war. Those times proved how safely information could be coded, and how important it was, as such the advent of computers brought with it the arrival of new applications designed exclusively for coding information, what we know as cryptography software now, meant in short to code information in a way that only those the owner desires can read it.

Cyphertop’s cryptography software offers just that, but with a degree of refinement you won’t see on any other consumer oriented encryption system, Cyphertop describes itself as a symmetric encryption system, what this means in simpler terms is that it goes beyond just encrypting a single file,

the program creates it’s own encryption algorithm for each file, and after compartmenting it, it then uses the inverse function to decrypt it, meaning each lock is it’s own completely unique security system, and it’s this peculiarity, this level of ingenuity that makes it the only encryption software immune to quantum computing decryption.

Another one of Cyphertop’s unique features is it’s advanced steganography capabilities, this in short is a function that allows to code files and messages in the form of image files in jpg or png format, and Cyphertop has the fastest steganography based encryption of any software program in the market, giving users yet another fast and safe way to share their info, in a form that will be complete inconspicuous to boot.

Of course, knowing that a encryption software is good isnât useful if we donât know what we can use it for, and once again Cyphertop itself shows us all the venues and benefits of it’s system, and that is first and foremost security, it’s symmetric encryption system coupled with it’s changing code make sure that it’s files canât be deciphered by any unwanted parties, this is vital for any market that requires the storage of private files, like the banking industry, where client’s info is vital for operation, but should never leak out, for companies developing new technologies to stay ahead of their competitors and avoid industrial espionage, but in general, it’s required of anybody who has private files that must remain that way one way or another.

One of the main benefits of Cyphertop in comparison to other cryptography software is that on top of it’s incredibly secure systems,

it also allows the user to make file sharing simple, Cyphertop refers to this system as Digital DNA, which allows the connected users, but no other external sources to interact with the files, making classified info both secure and easy to share, a combination that not only makes it intuitive for any company looking to integrate the system into their folds, as well as making it fast, making sure the data is both safe and available, a combination of traits that no other service in the market can reach.

For more information on Cyphertop, and it’s cryptography software including pricing, uses, and the technology behind it, make sure to check their official website at:

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