Starting Your Own Business Selling Apps

Before anyone truly breaks into the commercial industry, he or she has to be selling a product or a service that serves a particular purpose in the life of man and is unique in its way. Such a product must be appealing to customers enough for them to say, “yes, this surely would help me do so and so.”

There are already millions of mobile apps on both iOS and Android, some unique and others very similar. All in all, for you to have customers who would buy/download your app amidst the millions on app store, here are important things you must do:

Conduct your research

Do a market survey of the successful trending apps that are getting customers wowing. Then ask yourself the following questions:

What unique features do these apps have?
What exactly does the public find interesting?
And what is missing that you can bring to the table?

Most times, people don’t know what they are missing until they come across it. Find something which the public doesn’t already have, but you think they might need it. You can even research start-up companies and come up with an app that the company can use to market their product and services online.

You could also find out several events that are ongoing around you for which a simple app can come in handy. Events ranging from sports, school festivals, or fundraising, you could build an app that uses location services to locate events and book reservations, etc.

Develop your app with an appealing design

As an adventurer into the app world, you should know that one crucial thing which attracts customers to use and reuse your app is a good UI. When customers can easily understand and interact with the app, they are sure to use it and even recommend it to friends.

Start with a prototype

Since you are just starting, you may not need to put too many features into your app. Just ensure its performance of that core function is optimum. If it appeals to your customers, you surely will get a lot of important positive feedback, and then you can progress to developing the app some more.

If you have inadequate technical know-how in app development, do not develop your app all by yourself. Although it would cost you money, visit an app development company near you and have them build you a well-designed app with a better chance of wowing the public.

Marketing your app

This is the next big step to make in starting your own business selling apps. After developing your prototype, publicize your app by uploading it on several popular websites and tech blogs. Invest in your app selling business. Pay some money to run ads, as your goal is to reach as many people as possible all over the world, telling them just how life-transforming having that app would be. If what you have developed is an app for a business, then offer this app to the company at a reasonable price.

If your app gets accepted and you are getting positive reviews from the public, the next step is to:

Add value to your app

You have developed a prototype with some core features. Now that you have a growing number of active users, it’s time to develop your app some more to make it even more appealing. Adding exciting features would boost the usability of your app.
Submit your app to the app store

Be ready to spend some money. Create developer accounts with Apple (for iPhone) and Google (for Android) by registering through their websites and paying the annual app store fees of $99 for Apple and $25 for Google. When you do this, your app has become global.

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