The Importance Of Managed It Services And Computer Support

Are you thinking of hiring managed IT services? Are they a waste of money or will they benefit your enterprise? A lot of business have in-house IT teams, so why spend money hiring 3rd party providers?

We will answer all these questions in the discussion below.

Why You Should Hire Managed IT Services and Computer Support

The trend in IT solutions is changing. An in-house IT team today usually doesnt have the infrastructure, training, and experience that can match the ones provided by a managed IT services group.

You see managed IT focuses on that LOB while your IT team is streamlined for the needs and use of your business. They cant cover all the bases. You dont need to fire the people in your in-house IT team3rd party IT service providers actually work with them.

Together they can provide you the following services:

  • Maintaining HIPAA compliance
  • Data storage and cloud storage options
  • CRM applications and services
  • Email hosting
  • Web design and marketing
  • Backup and recovery solutions
  • Network monitoring

An MSP or managed service provider can help maximize the potential of your in-house IT team. They can also help boost your organizations success. Here are some of the benefits you can get from such services.

Importance and Benefits of Managed IT Services

  1. Reduced Employee Downtime
  2. Employee downtime happens when computer services are down like when your internet connection suddenly becomes dysfunctional or when your web resources (e.g. your database, cloud services, website, apps, etc.) has an outage.
    You end up finding employees loitering around in the lunchroom or maybe going outside of the premises for a quick smoke or something. An MSP can monitor your network and other IT essentials to reduce downtime.

    Their services are also proactive. They dont just wait for something to happen. They will inspect your systems to find potential problems and prevent outages from occurring in the first place.

  3. Expand Business Capacity and Expertise
  4. An MSP can give you the professional expertise of an entire team. This huge team of IT experts have a wider breadth of experience and knowledge. They are most likely to be up to date and trained on the latest technology. They will also be certified with Microsoft, Apple, and other credentials as well.

  5. Reduce IT Costs
  6. You dont have to hire and train more IT people. You can maintain your current in-house team and take advantage of the things that they will learn from working with a managed IT service provider. Note that MSPs usually have fixed monthly fees, which means there will be no surprise expenses along the way. Thats a good way to streamline your budget for IT services.

  7. Keep Your Business Secure
  8. Your business generates a lot of sensitive data from customer information to personnel files and financial records. That is why your business is a potential target of cyber criminals and hackers. A managed IT team can provide you with the latest security measures to prevent unwarranted incursions and intrusions.

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