Technology and Fun

Technology is not only useful in the labs or in factories. It can also be used to spread some joy and fun. This is especially true when it comes to teach pupils in class.

Technology in the classroom is the best learning tool. With classroom technology educators can get more students engaged, improve collaboration, and most importantly make learning fun! School wireless networks everywhere are implementing BYOD and 1:1 initiatives and are taking advantage of the many benefits technology in the classroom has to offer.

Video Streaming

If a picture says a thousand words, imagine how many words a video says. Video in the classroom can really help create a clearer and more complete picture for students. YouTube is a great tool for this; chances are you can find a video clip to compliment any lesson there.

Play Games

What kid doesn’t love playing games? Using mobile devices like iPads and tablets you can keep students involved with all sorts of educational games for just about any subject. Students can keep track of their progress and work to compete with other students to advance to the next level.

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Technology has turn around how kids play. They no longer have to opt for imaginary friends. They will be able to talk to their favorite characters. This of course gets them very excited.

Kids’ favorite characters will interact with them.

One day I saw my friend Kate’s 4-year-old son, Charlie, sitting inside an orange tent beside a computer. He was staring at a smiling woman on the screen. “Who is that?” I asked Kate. She replied, “Oh, that’s my mother. Charlie takes her into the tent several times a week to play, thanks to Skype. I’ve tried to explain to him the difference between real Grandma and virtual Grandma, but I don’t think he cares. To him, she’s just Grandma.”


This same insight, that children see technology differently than adults do, led to the creation of ToyTalk, a company cofounded by CEO Oren Jacob. “I had just gotten off my cell phone with my mother, and my daughter came over and asked, ‘Daddy, can I talk to my toys now?’ ” says Jacob. “And, I thought about it. What if she could? Or if kids could Skype with Bugs Bunny? Even better, what if kids could author their own character and create a conversation? It would fundamentally change how we look at storytelling and media.” The company’s first toy is an iPad application called The Winston Show, created by some former Pixar animators, available with 12 hours of free content on iTunes. Children are guests on the show, and Winston engages them in conversation. While behind the scenes this took three years and an army of animators to account for all the variability in natural language, children love Winston, a friendly yellow blob, because he converses. This effect on children can be quite profound. “Once kids have a conversation with a character, they wonder why other characters don’t talk back. The others start to seem broken,” says Jacob.

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