Designing Your Page With Seo In Mind

Website design is all the rage. Most of us live on the internet and this becoming more and more of a reality for businesses and companies as well. Possibly the only word thrown about more than website design, it is the term SEO. If you dont know already (youve clearly not been living on the web), SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is what gets you onto the first few pages of Googles search results. We rarely look past the first page, even the first result. Wouldnt you want your page to be on that coveted and lucrative first page? SEO will help you do that.

In this article, well give you a few pointers on how you can strengthen your website design with some SEO tactics.

? Tags, Tags, Tags

Its important to keep your site organized and readable. Headers help with that. You know what else it helps with? SEO. How is this so? Google and other search engines scan web pages for various elements, headers and tags being one of them. This increases their SEO score, calculated on various factors, and increases their visibility on the search engine.

Having good links on your site is another essential for good SEO rankings. With keywords as links, youre doing even better, as they get indexed by search engines. Dont just pile up links on your website that have no value – that is seen as unethical and could incur penalties.

? Go Mobile

Not too long, Google issued a sort of ultimatum – design your page for mobile devices or suffer a penalty on the search engine. With more and more users coming from mobiles and tablets, its a matter of common sense to do so, but now with the penalty, we are more or less compelled to do so if we want to rank high on search engines.

? Have Meaningful and Relevant Content

Any brilliance in website design is lost if the website itself has little content to offer, or meaningless content to offer. This is why there has been a recent surge in the need for content providers. Whats more, you need to ensure that you have fresh content on your page, and not the same type recycled under a different title.

Theres a lot to getting your SEO right in website design, far more than whats mentioned here. But get these basics right and youll be on the right path.

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